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The Other Side
Swagger looked around the bar, her expression one of distaste. Quietly she sipped her drink, watching the teenagers and strippers and playboys with pure contempt.
She liked these dark, crowded bars, where she could blend into the background. She noticed everyone, but none noticed her, and that was how she liked it. An invisible force in the darkness.
Suddenly somebody plopped down in the seat next to Swag. She nearly jumped, not expecting the sudden movement. The stranger turned to her with a lopsided smile.
“Hey, sweetheart, can I buy you a drink?”
Swag raised her eyebrows. It was rare that a person paid attention to her, much less one of the male variety. Especially someone like this. His white hair and grey eyes were instantly recognizable. Of course he had ended up here, in the back of the bar, where he was less likely to be seen.
“I already have a drink,” she replied coolly.
“Ah, but I’d be honored to buy you another,” he replied brightly.
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Suddenly, Harold was back in high school. 
An awkward, overweight teenager faced the mirror on the second-floor bathroom, lamenting his appearance. True, his white hair gave him an air of wisdom, but what did teenagers care for wisdom? At this rate he would never get a girlfriend, although someone did try to shove a dollar bill down his pants the other day. 
Harold tore his eyes away from his reflection, sighing. He knew that it was really the inside, the personality, that mattered, and yet he could not help but mourn for his acne-scarred face. Oh, well, there was no changing it. He'd better get back to class. 
As Harold stepped out of the bathroom, his eyes on the floor, he accidentally bumped into someone who evidently was trying to get into the bathroom. Harold mumbled a quick apology and attempted to move out of his way, but the stranger caught his shoulders. 
"Hey, kiddo." 
Harold's blood immediately turned to ice. He knew that voice...
The stranger was a
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Harold’s eyes fluttered open. Sunlight streamed through the open window. He smiled at the morning, rubbing his eyes. It was so lovely to be greeted with warm, bright sunshine. But something even lovelier waited to greet him.
Harold rolled over on his side to face his still sleeping wife. She was beautiful with her dark hair swept over her eyes, her breast heaving gently up and down with her breathing. Without waking her, Harold laid a hand on her large stomach. In just three months, they were going to have another child. Harold could barely contain his excitement. He and his wife had been discussing it for a long time, and now, it was a reality.
Awakened by his touch, the woman opened her eyes. She smiled when she saw her husband’s face.
“Good morning, sweetheart,” she murmured.
Harold moved closer and kissed her, holding her close. “Good morning, darling.”
After some cuddling, the couple got out of bed to begin their morning routine. The wife, who w
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Europe and America
Two young girls stood on the doorstep.
They gripped each other’s hands violently.
The elder girl was dark, with long black hair.
She looked European.
The smaller one was fair, with chestnut-brown hair.
She looked American.
But appearances don’t really matter.
Both girls had yellow stars sewn on their coats.
The year is 1939.
In Europe, the name Hitler is synonymous with evil.
Or if it is not yet, it soon will be.
But in America, everyone is safe.  
The foster parents stood on the other side of the doorway.
They had wide eyes and big grins.
They were a wealthy couple, with many children.
All of whom had moved out of the house, grown up.
The parents wanted babies again.
They wanted to hear little children’s footsteps patter along their polished floors.
Hence, the two girls at their doorstep.
Newly arrived off the boat.
Welcome to your new home.
You are safe now.
There was once a famous fictional character named
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Art of the Deal 1.5
In the beginning, there was nothing. 
A white empty space. The remnants of existence on Earth. 
Then there was a small pop! and the space was empty no more. 
A strange, irregular shape now dominated the realm. 
He had no solid shape, he was weak and powerless. But still...he was alive. 
"Yes..." the creature whispered. "I am alive."
The magnitude of this revelation suddenly hit home. 
"YES!!" Bill Cipher screamed. "I am alive!! That overgrown lizard was right!"
For the Axolotl had promised that Bill would survive until he was able to repay his debt. 
Bill struggled to get to his feet, but he collapsed almost instantly. 
"I am weak," he said to himself. "I need...I need strength....I need power...." 
He looked around the blank space. In the distance, far away, he could see some tall shapes. Civilization? 
Without another word Bill began to drag his weak, useless body towards the city. 
The town's streets were crowded with people, hu
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Plea for Humanity
You, you insufferable creature
Have put on a little show
Where chaos is the main feature
And all humans must bow low
But I stand here on my orange crate box
Which is really not much, I know
And yet I must do my duty and stand
I'm a main character in your show
For you've plunged the world into deep despair 
Where nothing is as it seems
A world created in your image
Filled with nightmares and dreams
And the human race, you say
A despicable lot
Good for nothing but slaves
All they can do is murder and hate
They shall work for the rest of their days
An illogical people 
Who curse and massacre
Plunder and take what's not theirs
The worst murder a thousand children
The best simply don't care
But I stand here on my makeshift podium
To challenge that ill-fated decree
For I make a plea for humanity
You must listen to me
Humans are smart and creative
An intelligent, curious race
We dig deeper and deeper
To find what's below
The shallow face
We create miracles beyond our dreams
We imagi
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The Art of the Deal 1
Harold took a deep breath and stepped through the portal.
He found himself in a desolate wasteland, a desert of rocks and not much else. He thought it would be cold, but there was no wind. The air was completely still. 
So this was the Nightmare Realm. 
Resigning himself to his fate, Harold started walking. 
It was even worse than he expected. Every fiber of his being rebelled against this place. The very air of it was utterly repulsive to him. And yet he had a job to do. 
Harold took some satisfaction in the thought that he would long outlive this place. The Nightmare Realm was too paradoxical to sustain itself. Very soon it would collapse into oblivion. Already he could see the cracks in the walls.
This Harold took as a good omen. Whatever happened in this place, he would live to see it. He was not ready to go back into Hell again. 
With this attitude he strolled through the Nightmare Realm, his confidence building. 
Loud footsteps interrupted Harold
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GF: Untitled
Having an invasive force enter your mind is a funny thing.
You see, 'cause it doesn't really leave. 
Dipper could still feel the residue of Bill's...whatever it was, in his mind. 
Sometimes he looked at Grunkle Stan and wondered if he could still feel it too. 
And it scared him, just a little bit. 
Sometimes he wondered just how much Bill had seen. 
Did he know his history, his likes, his dislikes, his deepest secrets?
Did he know how Dipper looked at Wendy?
Did he know his purest feelings?
Yes, it is a scary thing. 
A loss of control, a feeling of utter helplessness. 
Not really something Dipper was used to.
After all, he was just a kid. 
A child with a relatively boring life. 
But that day, he realized that he had crossed forces far more powerful than himself. 
An adventure, a chance to really make a difference. 
And that idea made Dipper's heart beat faster and faster, until he thought his most precious organ would leap from his
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CH: Seas and Stars
Cala Maria's eyes glowed in the moonlight. She was completely motionless, her eyes fixed intently on her prey. She was a siren, a predator, and she was going to claim her target. 
Her victim stood on a cloud just above the water, completely oblivious to her impending doom. Hilda Berg was busy. She stood steadily on her cloud, concentrating hard on her stars.
For Hilda was an artist, and the sky was her canvas. 
She painted the sun's reflection on the clouds and she painted the stars with their glittering pictures. She painted rain clouds for the flowers and hot, heat-filled skies for the desert. 
All of the inhabitants on Inkwell Isle admired Hilda. They were proud of her constellations and her pretty clouds. 
Hilda was so focused on her work that she didn't notice the huge, dark shape in the water. She was more concerned with the huge dark shapes above her. The rain clouds she was working with were large and troublesome. And yet the islands needed rain...
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BatIM: Dark Angel
When Henry opened his eyes, he did not know where he was. All he could see was the plain grey ceiling.
He struggled to remember what had happened. How did he get here?
And then it hit him: the elevator. Alice's voice. Boris--
"Boris!!" Henry's voice came out as a choked cry. The faithful friend who had saved him, who had stayed by his side!
And now Alice had him.
Yes, that was the last thing Henry remembered. He had been half-conscious, his eyes slowly closing, and Boris, dear, faithful Boris, shaking his shoulder, begging him to wake up. A gloved hand, and an evil smile--Alice!
And now he saw her, in a distant doorway--the tall, slender figure of a woman. Her face was painful to look at, her smile grotesque and hideous.
Instinctively Henry tried to move, tried to get away, but he was not surprised to find his wrists and ankles were restrained. He was again a sacrifice. Not to a demon this time, but to a horrible angel.
As Alice moved closer into the light, Henry saw that she had somet
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CH: Little King
Little king, you're out of time
Out of sight, out of mind
Sweep the pieces under the rug
No one must see the body we've dug
Little king made of treasured gold 
He's ruled this land since the days of old
But power is slipping from his grasp
Watch him fall
He breathes his last gasp
With his father's coat around his arm
 He believes that no one can do him harm
His sword outstretched
He is ready for the fight
But he falls down down
Into that dark night 
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 10 2
CH: The Crown
For as long as anyone could remember, the Crown Dynasty had ruled Inkwell Isle with a gentle but firm fist. 
It is said that in the days of old, the people of Inkwell Isle had risen against their neighbors to defend their scattered islands. 
It is said that the Crown kings led their people to glorious victory, and Inkwell Isle prospered and grew large. 
It is said that even now, after centuries of peace, warrior's blood continued to flow through the veins of the Crown family. 
It was said that the Crown's reign would never end, that the peace and prosperity of Inkwell Isle would continue forever.
"One, two, in and out," Carmillian muttered. His eyes were closed, his body comepletely still. 
"Just, out," he inhaled and exhaled quietly, trying to relax his breathing. Only when he achieved full control of himself could he be a great swordsman. 
Carmillian lunged forward suddenly, his fencing sword outstretched. In his mind's eye, he saw the tip
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Love Poem
I'm really not good at this poetry thing
But somehow I'll find the words to get up and sing
For there's no other girl as lovely as she
My ray of sunshine, my sweet.....bumblebee? 
Nah, that sounds stupid. 
Her voice is gentle, soft as a bird
Impossible to describe her in just one word
For she is my everything, my sun and my moon
My sweet ice cream treat on a warm day in June
(Hey, I think I got the hang of this.)
Her eyes are as a blue as the waters of a stream 
Her smile is ever-present, even in my dreams
Her love reaches beyond
Transcends time itself 
A special secret that we share
Just between ourselves
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CH X BATIM: Reflections and Nightmares
There was nothing but a cold, white fog as far as the eye could see. It was like staring at a huge white paper, with a tiny black ink dot in the center.
Bendy looked around, his eyes straining to see something beyond the white. The blankness was disappointing. Surely his brain could dream up something more interesting than this!
And then, slowly, a figure came into focus. Bendy immediately walked towards it, glad to see something, at least. As he got closer he realized the guy’s back was turned towards him. Ah, but he knew that ugly mug!
“Hey, Cup!” Ben teased playfully. “It's not enough I see you all the time in real life, I gotta see you in my dreams too?”
To his surprise, Cuphead did not move. Bendy's heart skipped a beat. Something was very wrong. He turned and faced him.
“C’mon, pal, don't you know me?” Bendy asked hurriedly, surprised at the fear in his own voice.
Cuphead looked him in the face. His features were strangely distorted
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CH: Sleepy fluff
It was very late at night, way past the usual bedtime. 
Mugman couldn't sleep. His broken arm was bothering him again. The pain kept him awake. Anyway, there was no point in sleeping. In a few hours they'd be back at it again, fighting bosses and stealing contracts. 
Now Cuphead and Mugman had returned home to lick their wounds. The game was hard, but they had to keep going. That was the nice thing about Cuphead. He was too stubborn to give up. Mugman practically had to drag him home. 
Soon they'll be back in the adventure again, fighting and jumping and shooting and dodging and hurting. But for right now, rest, rest, rest....
So Mugman lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. He couldn't sleep, but at least he could rest. Distract himself from the pain in his arm. He glanced over across the room, at his brother. Cuphead's body was motionless. He must have been fast asleep.
Mugman felt a strange surge of anger at his brother. How could Cuphead sleep at a time like this? A
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 5 5
CH: Caged Bird
All bow down to the gambling king
Shake your hips to that melodic swing 
I'm just a puppet on a string
A caged bird who cannot sing
I'm Dolly Dove, a symbol of peace
A beautiful girl, a real hot piece
But nothing is truly as it seems
I'm an empty shell of broken dreams
I want to save someone close to me
From an awful, deadly fate
So now I'm the perfect girl
Sexy, demure, straight
With his eyes on my body
And the dice in his hand
King Dice is truly
The gamest in the land
But no one really knows what happens after hours
This isn't love
It's evil power
All bow down to the gambling king
Shake your hips to that melodic swing 
I'm just a puppet on a string
A caged bird who cannot sing
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 5


[AU] Oblivium Characters by CyborgVirus [AU] Oblivium Characters :iconcyborgvirus:CyborgVirus 77 15 It's okay to cry.. by Mario-Artist64 It's okay to cry.. :iconmario-artist64:Mario-Artist64 106 28 Gift: Playing villainess and her cat be like... by AllyN-One Gift: Playing villainess and her cat be like... :iconallyn-one:AllyN-One 9 15
Ooooh boy....
....another one!!!! Merp!!!
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There's some Rules to this game:
~You must post all the rules.
~Answer the 10 questions you have been asked.
~Then create 10 new questions for 10 people who you must LEGIT tag.
1. When we first meet, what was my impression on you?'m sorry, I have this curse where I end up always forgetting how I met people. XD
2. What do you think your art style is classified as? (Anime, Cartoon, Realism...)
3. Favorite artwork on here by a different artist?
     Hmmm, I like some things my friends do, twisted-wind's got some pretty cool stuff (go check her out) and the rest I don't really play favorites. 
4. React to your persona (or OC if you have no sona) becoming a meme
     Sh*t, what happened?
5. If you could have any OC be alive, whom shall it be?
     My bbys, Rockus and Golden
6. Who is yo BFF on here?
:iconwatery-flame:Watery-Flame 3 14
FIRST :iconwatery-flame: TAGGED ME, NOW :icon1schadenfreude1:
1. Would you rather sleep with Harold OR have a wrestling match with Selly?
A wrestling  match with Selly! FITE ME! (I'm a sex-repulsed asexual)
2. Would you rather make a deal with Bill Cipher OR spend the night in Freddy Fazbear's pizza without a flashlight?
I shall to fight the Dorito..... but I also wanna fight robots. Do you honestly think I'd obey the Fazbear rules? Crowbars man.
3. Would you rather be stuck in a 24-hour loop fighting Photoshop Flowey OR go on a 24-hour anime marathon with Alphys (and you can't take a pee break because she'll think you're trying to ditch her. Shame on you)?
4. Would you rather play the game Cuphead on hard mode until you beat it OR be a bullseye in Cuphead's target practice?
I wish to fight Cuphead.
5. Would you rather be trapped in a room with scary Alice OR be trapped in room with scary Bendy (there's r
:iconspider-toast:Spider-Toast 3 8
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Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

Hey, my name is Chana and I love to tell stories.

On here I mainly post fanfictions, poems, and original stories! I also draw a bit here and there~

I do art trades, so if you're interested please ask~! I love writing stuff for peeps~

As to my tastes, I love creepy and bizarre things! All of my favorite characters tend to be psychotic or sadistic or both. Usually both. XD

TL;DR: I'm a nice person. Gimme attention!!!

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I put a lot of hard work into my OCs and I love them dearly. I love talking about them as well!! Their bios are here:

Harold, the Lover:

[CO] - Harold by Skoryx (This is Harold. Love him.)

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Sixty degrees that come in threes
Watches from within birch trees
Saw his own dimension burn
Misses home and can't return
Says he's happy, he's a liar
Blame the arson for the fire
If he wants to shirk the blame
He'll have to invoke my name
One way to absolve his crime
A different form, a different time
~The Axolotl

blinkie [f2u] by witchb0y


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