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AT: My dear
I miss the look in your eyes, dear
I miss the shape of your lips, dear
I miss feeling your warmth as we lay side by side...
Now there is only a void
I've seen many things in my line of work
I've seen tragedies and disasters
My dear
But nothing comes close
To the pain that I felt
When I saw your lifeless form
My heart ripped apart on that night
And I felt your soul cry out to me
But I will take your revenge
I will cut and I will tear
Until I find who has done this to you
My dear
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 1 3
Trickster, trickster,
Hops across the pages
Trickster, trickster,
Goes from mouth to mouth
Through the generations
The trickster will be there
Smiling, smiling
Clever little trickster
Knows just what to say
To get exactly what he wants
Without a single delay
Naughty little trickster
Takes what he can get
Without a thought to anyone else
He leaves them in his mess
The trickster takes many forms
He might be a sleek, cunning fox
A small, weak rabbit
A clever, fast raccoon
A wise, all-seeing raven
Or even
A hungry, desperate wolf
Yes, the trickster is everywhere
If you only care to see
Be careful when you meet him
For he is not what he seems
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 1 15
I am a pair of eyes
I am a mouth
I am a watcher
I am a narrator
I am a storyteller
I am a witness to your tale
I watch from afar, speaking slowly
Praying that my audience captures my meaning
Thousands of stories, passed from my mouth to theirs
Through the generations
For example, we have a tale
Of two fearsome armies
In a Great War...
Thousands of men
Thousands of guns
I whisper 
As I watch the numbers decrease
The strategy is defeated
The men, massacred
And the battle is won
I want to help you, the underdog, the losing army
To reach out and take your hand...
Alas, I have no hands
For I am only a pair of eyes
And a mouth
I can only sit and watch you, poor soldier
Helpless as you are
As your existence is snuffed out
Your name lost to the history books
I am here.
I may not have ears with which to hear your cries
I may not have legs with which to run to you
I may not have hands with which to pull you from the depths
But I am a pair of eyes
And a mouth
And I will share your sto
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 4 5
AT: Running
Heart pounding
Fast breathing
Legs tiring
I can't stop
He's right behind me
I can see him, I can tell
A sweet little toon
Straight from the depths of Hell
My head is spinning
He is grinning
Tears are spilling
I am blind
One word runs through my mind
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 5
AT: Control
Alex and Stalker with "Control" by Halsey lyrics
Alex quickly lifted her hands to her injured nose. She saw the blood spill onto her fingers and her eyes widened in pain and surprise.
"Oh my god!" Selene jumped up. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you! Are you okay!?"
"Oh, it's fine, it's just a bruise," Alex began, trying to comfort her girlfriend.
"You're bleeding! Go wash it off and put some ice on it!" Selene commanded sternly.
"As you wish, princess," Alex smiled as she stood up. She felt Selly's eyes follow her as she walked into the bathroom.
They send me away, to find them a fortune, a chest filled with diamonds and gold
The house was awake, with shadows and monsters, the hallways, they echoed and groaned
In the bathroom Alex faced the mirror. Her injury wasn't so bad, but there was an unusual amount of blood coming out. Weird. Alex felt a small chill go up her spine. She was suddenly aware of the stillness of the bathroom, of the pipes and plumbing cre
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 4 6
AT: Journey Through Hell
The angel slowly opened her eyes...
Golden stood up, looking around. "Where am I?" she wondered aloud.
Carefully she brushed flecks of dirt off her white dress. Looking around again, she felt a sinking feeling in her heart.
This place was dark and barren and unwelcome. She shivered. 
She was an angel alone in Hell.
Behind a stone column, a devil hid, his eyes fixated on her.
He watched her, not with anger nor pain nor even desire. He, Rockus, watched her with a terrible fear.
What was she doing here? How did she end up here? What if the demons caught her? What if they killed her? What if--
Rockus shook his head, clearing his thoughts. What did he care what happened to this incompetent angel? It wasn't any of his business.
And yet...
The demon looked up immediately. Golden was staring at him, her big blue eyes wide with fear. 
"Is this Hell?" she whimpered. She looked like she was going to cry.
Rockus felt like his heart was going to stop beating any second. "
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 2 3
ST: Hands
i fell in love with you
when i first shook your hand
delicate, soft, flesh
pulsing with blood and life
enclosed within my hard, white, bony
and i wished that i could hold your hand forever
i fell in love with you
when i saw your hand waving at me
*Sans! Sans! The Barrier has vanished!
you did it, kiddo
you saved us
you never looked so happy as you did just then
i keep that happiness in my memory
and think of it when i feel blue
i fell in love with you
because i understand your words
thin pale hands wave through the air
swiftly, silently, spelling out words
*My dearest, would you mind fetching my coffee mug from the kitchen counter?
"no problem, angel," i reply
what wouldn't i give to see your smile
hear your voice
touch your hands as they spell
*I love you.
but for now i'm content
just thinking of that day
when i held your hand
for the first time
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 5 12
ST: Love letters
The following is an excerpt from an email correspondence between the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Monsters (Frisk) and her personal bodyguards and interpreters (Sans and Papyrus). At the time of this correspondence, the Ambassador is taking a well-deserved rest at the home of her adopted parents, the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Monsters (Asgore and Toriel).
heya kiddo,
hope you're all settled in at your folks' place. give ol' fluffybuns my regards, will ya? i haven't seen him in ages. i'd love ta drop in and see him and tori, but ya know how it is. always busy. really gets my goat. heh. 
this place feels real different without you, frisk. not as fun anymore. i guess i just ain't used ta wakin' up an' not seein' yer pretty face. i mean, what else is there ta wake up fer? 'cept fer the look on pap's face when i crack a pun. that's always a laugh. 
i'm glad that yer getting a break. ya sure deserve it after all the work ya put in. you deserve time with yer parents, kiddo. i
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 6 5
I Did A Mememe by 1Schadenfreude1 I Did A Mememe :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 25
Shriveled bodies lie in wait
Gazing stoutly at their fate
Broken bones and broken brains
Time to play the waiting game
Casts of white and wheelchairs
Disease is a cheater
Life never plays fair
And old age is the worst
The most horrible wait of all
Failing systems
Dirtied blood
Medicines spill in a never ending flood
But they are here to stay
Their fate is set
After all the alternative is 
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 2 25
I am Aphrodite, goddess of beauty
Rising from the depths of the sea itself
My curves, my skin, my body
Make me who I am
I am beautiful
I am an animal
A mass of flesh and skin
My fat, my acne, my body
Make me feel weak
I am a human being 
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 9
AT: The King
Welcome, welcome, one and all
To this lovely kingdom of mine
Here you'll be safe from the terror outside
And most importantly
You'll have a good time!
For here there are amusements aplenty
All the women you want
(Some captives I caught)
And so many things to enjoy!
For I am the king!
A benevolent king
I'll protect you from the dangers outside
But be a good boy
And don't disobey me
We don't want any trouble
Don't forget the horror outside
The bodies
The blood
The disease
You are very lucky
Thank your God you are here
Because of my sweet mercy
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 2 5
AT: The Dancer
Once upon a time there was a little demon named Bendy. 

Bendy was a dancing demon. Every night hundreds of people would come to watch his show. He would appear on the stage, a little black dot in the spotlight. Then, as the audience expressed their admiration, he would dance. 

Bendy almost flew across the stage, his short but nimble legs taking him places only he could see. In his mind he was in his paradise, a place where his family watched him, not with judgment, but with love. 

At last the music stopped. The performance was over. Bendy stood at center stage, bringing the tops of his horns down to his shoes as he bowed. It was only after the dance was done did he allow himself to look at the audience. He saw hundreds of faces filled with joy and excitement and adoration.

But there was only one face he truly wanted to see. Bendy sought out that face with his eyes and found him. Boris. His friend. His br
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 24
AT: My Brother, My King
Let me take you beneath my wing
My darling one
My brother, my king
I will defend you no matter what it takes
I care not for the danger
Nor how high the stakes
All the people in our kingdom
Your praises, they sing
But I love you most
My brother, my king
You are still so innocent
Young, and naive
Still you do not know
How much you mean to me
But know this, my dearest
I swear on my wing
I will always love you
My brother
My king
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 5
AT: Cruelty
What is thing that you call mercy?
I know not what it is
For I have been forever cruel
And nothing can change me
Not even you
Light the match
Burn the place
I don't want to see the tortured face
Of the innocent I had killed that day
Just go away, please
Go away
Precious fire, take me now
I welcome it like a soft kiss
But if I'm going down
I'm taking you with
Believe me, dear guard
We will not be missed
I am an outcast
A killer of man
The money you earn here is worth less than sand
For it is money built on the blood of the killed
This place is our grave
Quiet and still
And you shall join us
In our grave of silence
This will be your final resting place
As we stand here together
Face to face
Locked in combat
For the rest of our days
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 4 16
AT: Mercy
Mercy, mercy
Show some mercy
Have compassion
Try to be kind
But I know you can’t
I know who you are
Behind the mask
An evil mind
I sit here with my screens in hand
Ready to battle
To defend
To fight
I know I’ll survive
These last five nights
But you won’t
You murderer
You killed those kids
Without regret
Light the match
Fire’s all set
Time to die
I won’t forget
What happened in this place
Behind the mask
An innocent face
And a lost soul crying out
“Help me, please!”
Dear child, your murderer
Lies here deceased 
:icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 3 4


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Hey, my name is Chana and I love to tell stories.

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I'm just a triangle trying to free you
From the delusions society gave you
Gravity's a lie
So is the sky
Trust in the
All knowing
All seeing
~Bill Cipher

blinkie [f2u] by witchb0y


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